Year-End Knitting Round-up and Snow Part 3!


After I posted about a light dusting of snow, and how we had to go up into the mountains to find snow, we had a realy snowfall down in the valley!

Photos below! But first, the year-end knitting round-up. I've got to collate my writing round-up too, and I usually do that one first, but this one is coming easier at the moment.

The 2019 wrap-up featured baby photos! I also mentioned a pair of leggings I was considering making for a friend. Little did I know that I would soon have a lot more time for that project...

My first completed project was a red superhero scarf (in a post that also paid tribute to Christopher Tolkien).

Then, in what I did not know at the time was to be my final outing for a good long time, I wrote a knitting in the wild post about the Canada and impressionism exhibit we went to in Lausanne.

Then I knit a hackeysack, which has since beenrepurposed as a stress ball, and started baking and knitting in earnest: baby hats! (In a post that also paid tribute to Jean Little.)

I finished the leggings! And started a baby blanket, and kept baking...

More baking! More baby hats! And I made ice cream!

I made a hat to match the baby blanket, and found two of my favourite knitting patterns, including the one from which the knitting blog gets its title!

A lot more baking, and some music!

Finished baby blanket!

More baking! A brand-new baby blanket!

And that was the year. The last item I finished was a hat and the last item I started was a Linus blanket, which I'm still working on:

These chocolate orange bars have turned out to be a constant hit. I've made them three times since!

More bread!

Chocolate pudding!

My first ever pecan pie! (store-bought crust)

Cookies! And blueberry muffins (recipe from my sister-in-law)

Beer from Valais!

A Christmas gift from a friend! Knitter's earrings

The Linus blanket begun

A cartoon about knitting.
How's the mitten coming along?
Not very well, I've only made one.
That's okay, Grandpa, I'll keep my other hand warm by holding yours <3

A new hat!

The Codlin Heid pattern from Ten Years in the Making by Kate Davies Designs

I didn't use quite the right kind of wool called for, so it's a bit hard to see the pattern, and then I didn't have enough of the white, so I finished the hat without the pattern repeats.

The white wool is unbleached, hand-spun wool that I purchased many moons ago in Upper Canada Village (and look! That post features the release of Alex's CassaStorm!)

The hat in the wild and the snow!

Here's the snow!

It begins...

It builds up...

The back garden is covered!

Perfect time to light a fire...

...and have fondue!

What fun projects are you working on?


It all looks tasty! Well, not the yarn.
Well done Deniz ... the fondue - love those ... can I come next time?! Well done on all the projects ... knitting - love the knitter's ear-rings! and all the biscuits, buns etc ... and that snow - I hope it stays in the north here ... stay safe - Hilary
Nas said…
Wow! Love them. And awesome on all the finished projects.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks, all! I find it really satisfying to finish a knitting project -- it's not like writing, which has so many other follow-up steps; instead, when it's done, it's done!