Tolkien, Keats, New Kait Nolan, and Writers on the Moon!

On 25 March, it will be Tolkien reading day!

“This year's Tolkien Reading Day will take place on Thursday 25th March and is themed 'Hope and Courage'. For the event the Tolkien Society is extremely excited to be teaming up with the Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic at the University of Glasgow to host and celebrate the event. The Tolkien Reading Day is held every year on the 25th March and aims to encourage fans to celebrate and promote the life and works of J.R.R. Tolkien by reading favourite passages.”

I just learned that Walter Hooper passed away in December, rest in peace.

It was 200 years ago last month that John Keats passed away. I blogged a while ago about my visit to Keats' home near Hampstead Heath.

And now I bring you... Writers on the Moon!


125 Writers on the Moon and 8 Official Stowaways!

Here are a few blog posts by Sue describing all the behind-the-scenes efforts that went into making this happen:

"The Official README file that went on the payload to explain the project to our future anthropologist

The Making of the Mini Paper Book

The Making of the MoonChip, our hexagonal metal medallion

And finally Shipping to Astrobotic! (and a bonus... we're on Astrobotic's Wikipedia page as an official payload!)"

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View of the spot from Sue's backyard!

A new Kait Nolan story!

In the anthology Love Is In the Air, a charity anthology, with proceeds going to the American Heart Association!

The short story Bad Case of Loving You is a prequel to Made for Loving You, the final book in the Rescue My Heart trilogy. This story is the start of  a second-chance romance for Paisley, who first appeared in Let It Be Me.

I love how interconnected and interwoven Kait's books are. Like visiting with a family that has many many cousins! And in this story, that moment when Ty turns and comes back...oh!

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Which authors' reading and book groups have you joined?





Hi Deniz - that's great to the Tolkien Society are teaming up with Glasgow University for this year's reading on 25th March - enjoy! Congratulations to all Writers on the Moon - just enjoy the publication. Thanks for alerting us to another Kait Nolan book ... stay safe - Hilary
Jeff said…
I remember in college having a conductor from Britain speak about a weekend concert in a park in which they read Tolkien and played Wager's "Ring Trilogy" (it's 17 albums long). And Keats is a favorite.

I'll think about all the writings on the moon when it's full again (it's now waning).
Deniz Bevan said…
Apparently there's even a Wikipedia page now for the writers on the moon! I can't wait to discover more from my fellow authors :-)