Hodge Podge No. 13: Camp NaNoWriMo and Chaplin and Montreux Photos



I misnumbered the last hodge podge, so now there are two No. 11s...

I guess that makes this one lucky 13!

Three items today:

1. I'm hosting the June writing exercise on thelitforum!

More details coming soon. Everyone's welcome to join in!

2. I completed Camp NaNoWriMo!

I added a few thousand words to my ongoing Camp story, The Heathen in the Hold. All about Austin and Kedi travelling in time to meet up with Brother Arcturus -- on board a ship halfway through Columbus' return from his second voyage.

Columbus has captured a few of the Taino people, and then one of his men kills the chieftain. What will happen next? And what is Austin's role as a time traveller? The saga continues...

3. Photos!

A month or so ago, we took a day trip over to Montreux.

We also visited the Charlie Chaplin house and museum (and studio!) above Vevey:

All the Chaplin related sites in Switzerland
Sketch by Chagall

Map of London description
Map of Chaplin's London
Part of Chaplin's library
Links to other authors

Daily production schedule

I hadn't known about the connection with Michael Jackson!

A cheque drawn on Barclays Bank
A bear in Bern
Switzerland press
The Swiss Riviera

A street in Montreux

Chillon from the car!
Chillon wine
Chaplin at our hotel
View from the hotel


Freddie Mercury

Ice cream!

Skimming stones

We got lucky, it was really springlike when we went (and then it got cold and rainy for weeks!).

More photos next time! Hoping to catch up on some commenting this week, especially with all the lovely blog posts about the IWSG Anthology release!

Are you celebrating something exciting this month?


Jeff said…
While traveling to Montreux, you had to been listening to Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water." It was a popular tune (mainly among guys) when I was in school. The first line: "We all came out to Monteux on the Lake Geneva shoreline...."

The Chaplin museum sounds interesting.
Your pictures make me miss traveling. I haven't even left my town in almost a year. I'm not traveling this year, but I plan to next year. I hope that by then I'll be able to take pictures of myself in different places without a mask.