Hodge Podge No. 14: Crafts, Book Sale, and Sunshine

Summer hodge-podge!

I don't remember what my goals were for ROW80!

But I've got five irons in the fire at the moment:

a possible new publication to be announced (fingers crossed!)
hunting for agents for The Charm of Time (following more beta feedback on chapter 1)
new short story (possibly to enter in the SIWC contest)
editing a short story to submit to the upcoming IWSG anthology contest
editing a new collection of short stories by another author

I'm also leading the writing exercise on thelitforum this month! Come join us!

I've been trying some new cookie recipes...

These Levain cookies are giant!
The apricot cake doesn't look like much but it was delicious!

Various cookies...

Our haul...

Last Saturday was Worldwide Knit in Public Day!


My landlady's roses!

Have you been to a book sale recently?
Is the sun out where you are? I hope so!


Hi Deniz - the sun is out ... nature is brilliant - and lots of books, but no sale as such ... Emily has a handful ... wonderful idea with the shadow-hand book ... those will be fun ...
Enjoy Geneva ... those cookies look rather good - as it's tea-time I could do with one now?! Cheers Hilary
Jemi Fraser said…
Book sales are the best! We're not quite that open yet with restrictions. One day!!
Love the pics and good luck with all the irons in the fire!
Those cookies look delicious, especially the chocolate chip ones. And book sales are so difficult to resist. Even though I already have a stack of books I still need to read, I still want to buy more. 😀
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks so much, all of you <3