Vacationing at Home Part 2! A Photo Collage

Vacationing at home, part 2!

View from our hotel

Mont Blanc!

View of the Alps on one side...

...and the Jura mountains on the other!

Apple orchards


What kind of hotel was it? It was the Bowling Hotel!

The younger one's first time bowling! He had a blast!

On another day, we went back to the old cemetery in Celigny

Richard Burton rests here

Oops. Extra shot of some nearby fields

It was a rainy day!

Alistair Maclean also rests here


What kinds of fun places are in your neighbourhood?


Hi Deniz - I bet the kids enjoyed staying in a hotel ... with lots to do by the look of it, as well as the bowling ... excellent the littlie enjoyed himself!! Tiarmasu - looks so good ... I need a cup of tea - but no cake/biscuit or similar ... oh well - good for me!! Beautiful neck of the woods you live in and can visit ... the graves too are interesting to see.

Cheers Hilary