Art: Tom Gauld and Nasreddin Hoca


ere are two ancient posts from the blog that I'm reposting!


The first features illustrator Tom Gauld:

A book I've loved is cartoonist and illustrator Tom Gauld's latest, a myriorama, inspired by the works of Laurence Sterne.
"Myriorama, or 'Many Thousand Views' consist of numerous cards depicting fragments or segments of landscapes that can be arranged in a multitude of different combinations. This 'entertainment' for young ladies and gentlemen originated in France.
The first English version in 1824 was a set of 16 cards which depicted Gothic ruins, castles, cottages, a lighthouse, a man fishing and a gypsy encampment. These landmarks had a backdrop of mountains with islands and a lake to add extra texture and depth.
Whenever the cards were taken out and arranged upon a table, they produced a landscape of harmony which was variable, compatible and satisfying to the user without being geographically identifiable. This first myriorama seems to have been an instant success and many varieties were created to satisfy the demands of the public."

Myriorama definition from the Oxford English Dictionary

Gauld's myriorama

The second features Nasreddin Hoca!

A short tale featuring Nasreddin Hoca, as coloured by me, age 10:

One day, Hoca ran into a gossipy neighbour, who remarked, "There's a tray of baklava going by."
Hoca snapped, "What do I care?" (or "what's it to me?")
"But I think it's going to your house."
"Well then, what do you care?" (or "what's it to you?")

Do you revisit your earlier blog posts?


I'd never heard of those cards before. Simple but fun idea.
Deniz Bevan said…
They're really neat. If my bookshelves were more empty, I could display them better, ha ha!
Haddock said…
Good that you. could pull out things especially something that you coloured when you were 10 !
Yes, at times I pull out old blog post links, when the subject comes up for discussion with friends.
moondustwriter said…
cool that you have a set. My grandparents had a set - wish I knew where they went.

Cheers - Moonie
Hi Deniz - I too had never heard of these cards ... what a great find - thank you ... If I could find something I'd painted back in the day - and trays of baklava - oh yes I could happily eat one now! Fun - cheers Hilary
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for dropping by, all!
I've done the same, Haddock, I keep pointing to old blog posts when discussing certain books or songs :p