New Anthology: Poems for the Ride, and Julian Barnes

Here's something new!

"Poems for the Ride is a poetry anthology zine edited by Angel Rosen (@Axiopoeticus) and Joshua Pipkins (@PipkinsJoshua).

This anthology includes poems written by people within the Amanda Palmer Patreon Community and covers the topics of life, death, grief, joy and everything in between. It features poetry from over 100 community members and reminds us that even if we're all going through something different, we're never alone.

There is a poem out there for everyone."

Here's the full list of contributors, including yours truly!

A few weeks ago I got to take part in this!

An evening with Julian Barnes

And he answered my question! About whether he listens to music while writing. He doesn't! (Mostly, the question was an excuse to see if he mentioned any favourite artists or composers).

I certainly can't, either.

Can you listen to music while drafting a story?


Hi Deniz - how fortunate - and I'm so pleased you were able to get your question in ... he comments on using his electric typewriter, he sometimes starts by handwriting ... obviously he's not impressed with computers for his writing!! Great to hear about ... cheers Hilary

PS - now we get to Deniz!!! He states his writing goes up and down in time to the silence of the music ... so to hear ... rhythm of the sentences ...

No music when writing ... well done - cheers Hilary
Anstice Brown said…
Congratulations on your anthology publication! That's awesome.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thank you both!