Crafts of 2022 Roundup

Making and baking and knitting and crafts, oh my!

Here's the 2021 roundup, with a few goals that I actually met.

And I don't necessarily need the playing cards for the Dark Matter: Artificial anthology (mentioned in the post), because I have cards for Druid's Moon!

I wrote eight crafting posts in 2022:

January: Crafting in 2021 roundup and some new knitting

February: Knitting a Gryffindor scarf during the Olympics (and Tom Daley!)

April: Blogging from A to Z April Challenge!

June: All the crafts: Baking, knitting, painting, sewing, picking strawberries and making bookmarks!

August: Knitting on vacation: Scarborough and Barcelona (and some Easter eggs for Druid's Moon!)

November: All the crafts, part 2: candle making, paper airplane folding, board game crafting, baking, and Lego building (featuring settings from my novels!). Plus a really good drawing tip from Nathan Pyle!

I also did some of the formatting for this book:

December: Queen Elizabeth knitting and my latest family tree of characters (now so detailed, it requires two parts!)

As for goals in 2023:

Knitting: One friend has requested a shawl; I'd like to try something fancy (before next Christmas!). I'd like to try yet another complicated Kate Davies pattern. And finish the blanket/wrap I started last year!

Baking: This has been going well, so I don't really have any particular goals in mind. Maybe to try to take more artistic photos of my results!

Photos: I have one goal (keep up with printing family photos in albums!) and two aspirations (sort out all the fan art and other artist creations I want and see what I can afford; and finish sorting all the photos on older posts on The Girdle of Melian)

Crochet and sewing: I might try to get better at these. We'll see!

The latest crafting photos:

Bagels from Montreal!

Ginger-nut biscuits

Recipe from Outlander Kitchen

Baking piña colada cookies!

With a helper!

Yum! Inspired by the story Piña coladas by faeeebaeee

Creations made By Thye




Biscotti and other goodies made by a friend

I knit a scarf!

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What kinds of crafts do you enjoy?


Hi Deniz - you're always full of the joys of Spring and showing us all up with all your different projects ... the ginger biscuits remind me of home made macaroons ... but what fun to have the Outlander Kitchen cookbook - looks really interesting. Then Christmas ... lots of fun, puzzles and good home cooked food ... the scarf perches well on the shoulders ... cheers and all the best - Hilary