A to Z Challenge - Favourite Books - Kit Pearson

Daring Game by Kit Pearson.

The first Kit Pearson book I ever read was A Handful of Time, a time-travel story about a Canadian girl who slips back and forth between her family's present and past.

"When Patricia's parents decide to separate, she is sent to spend the summer with her cousins on an Alberta lake. Already shy and awkward, her misery is increased by her cousins' bullying. Finally, when they refuse to play with her, Patricia hides in the small cabin behind the cottage. There she discovers an old pocket watch under the floorboards. When she winds it up it takes her back thirty-five years in time, where she observes her mother at the same age she is. But then the watch is broken and Patricia has to face the present."
I read and reread this story, each time identifying with a different aspect of Patricia's summer. When I finally read The Daring Game, there was even more that I connected to, especially the high school, which reminded me of my own (though mine wasn't a boarding school).
"Eliza has always wanted to go to boarding school, so when her parents are transferred to Toronto for a year she's eager to attend Ashdown Academy in Vancouver. Even though she discovers that a real boarding school is not like the books she has read, Eliza enjoys the novelty of wearing a uniform and living in the Yellow Dorm with four other girls. When one of the girls, Helen, starts the "daring game", however, Eliza's life at boarding school becomes more complicated. Her growing friendship with Helen puts her in a position of conflicting loyalties."
I've since read everything else Pearson's written - but wait, what's this? A collection of ghost stories selected by Janet Lunn!

I never expected this A to Z Challenge to add to my To Read list!


Clarissa Draper said…
Sounds like a wonderful time travel series. I like that it also is a book that touches on many things a girl goes through when young.
Carol Riggs said…
The HANDFUL OF TIME book sounds especially intriguing! but I'm curious about what the dares are too. Fun post! :)
Rekha said…
Time travel that really sounds interesting. Looks like you are having fun with the posts.
Beverly Diehl said…
Hi Deniz, nice to e-meet you through the A-Z and Nutschell.

Sounds like some good books you're reviewing here, although I'm focusing on different kinds of material at this time. Happy reading & writing!
Anonymous said…
I feel like a bad reader. I've not heard of her either.
The author is new to me, but they sound like really interesting books!
Jemi Fraser said…
Kit Pearson is a great author - super choice! :)
Deniz Bevan said…
Glad you guys like the post! I'd definitely recommend Kit Pearson - she also has a wonderful trilogy about two 'home' children - sent to live with a Canadian family during WWII.
Nice to meet you Beverly!
Will said…
Pops to the Canucks! Whoot Whoot!
Damyanti said…
Sounds like a lovely series for kids.

--Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

Twitter: @AprilA2Z
Jamie Gibbs said…
I miss those old kinds of stories - they were so simple yet had everything you needed for an adventure.

Jamie Gibbs
Fellow A-Z Buddy
Mithril Wisdom
Anonymous said…
I don't recall reading a Kit Pearson book.

This A to Z challenge is also adding books to my to-read list.
Deniz Bevan said…
It is, Damyanti!
I agree, Jamie. I hope my YA can be like that, if I ever finish editing it.
Mine too, Medeia!
Trisha said…
Adding! and hey, my name's Patricia too :P what a cooiiiincidence (ignore me, just being silly. hehe)
Deniz Bevan said…
Hope you like the story, Patricia [giggle]
Deniz Bevan said…

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kathleen Pearson
Date: 13 May 2012 20:18
Subject: Re: favourite books
To: Deniz Bevan

Thanks, Deniz! Great blog!
Kit Pearson

On 2012-05-13, at 1:15 PM, Deniz Bevan wrote:

Dear Ms. Pearson,

I blogged about your books the other day.

Thank you so much for some of my favourite rereads!



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