Crafts of 2021 Roundup and Photos by the Young 'Un!

Crafting roundup!

November baking and a new blanket

October 3D Tolkien puzzle! and other non-knitting crafts...

September baking and gardening!

August baking (bread!) and knitting!

June and July: Words With Friends fun

Then there are these two from December (this reminds me of back in the day when I once shared screenshots from Farmville):

Baking and Worldwide Knit in Public Day!

Baking and knitting and yoga!

May baking and knitting and mantı!

April baking and knitting!

Baking and cooking and knitting and the Did This Year Actually Happen pandemic calendar (inspired by Amanda Palmer)

January: the 2020 roundup

And for 2022? I have a cowl to finish knitting and my daughter has asked for a Gryffindor scarf, but otherwise, I don't really have any crafting goals, except to try one of the more complicated Kate Davies patterns. The new club, Argyll's Secret Coast, starts soon!

Also, when I've saved up to pay for the shipping, I would dearly love some playing cards feature the anthology in which I have a story!

Here are the most recent crafts:

Tolkien puzzle!

I received this as a gift in 2002, and this is my second time completing it since then!

Bread by me, hats knit by a friend!

Knitting...during the annual reread of The Lord of the Rings

Another exciting thing this year was giving my daughter one of our older digital cameras. I shared some of her photos here and here and here.

This is the latest batch!

What kinds of crafts will you be working on this year?


Hi Deniz - you're always so busy ... setting examples for us to follow - lots of snow, with some time to do the Tolkien puzzle ... cheers and happy New Year to you and the family - Hilary
Deniz Bevan said…
Thank you, Hilary! Hope your new year has been good this month!