Character Faces! For Every Story

I've compiled some of these a few times before:

Full set of character faces

Character faces

This new post is the full, proper set, arranged by story (although there are still lots of extra images on my pinterest board).

Character faces!

These are the main images, the ones that chapture the character's personality best, no matter how anachronistic the surroundings may be or how inappropriate the items they're holding. Other variations are on my pinterest board.

The Face of A Lion
Austin Alan Cunnick: photo taken from Real Simple magazine
As an adult, he looks like Paul Newman (and there's also an image in there of Sam Heughan looking like him)

There's also Lucas Till...

Kedi Venti Pipire of Camulodunum: Kedi was our cat Frodo [I forgot that the storify website is defunct now, and the various photo stories I've shared, especially of Sam and Frodo, are now useless until I go back and reupload the photos onto the blog itself. Sigh.]
Captive of the Sea
Magdalena (Mawdlen): taken from artist Rob Hefferan's Elegance series

Santiago: Mike Wolfe, originally shared here

Out of the Water
Rosa: from the painting by Edwin Long, Woman Carrying Basket Full of Pomegranates

Baha: photograph by Ara Guler

Rome, Rhymes, and Risk

Devran: there's Tomas Plekanec
Devran: there's also Tom Ellis

Ayten and Devran together: a still from the film Solomon and Gaenor

Brother Arcturus: this is Anthony Van Dyck's Portrait of the Sculptor Duquesnoy, 1627 to 1629

Alice, I still don't have. For now I keep imaging Anne of the Island type faces...

George: The pose, not the face (taken from Men's Health magazine)
George: Rupert Brooke for the face

Druid's Moon

Frederick (this is a photo of Romain Grosjean I came across in the newspaper)

The Charm of Time and The Handful of Time
Christianne and Rory: images of Marc Lavoine and Sonja Weissensteiner.
No idea if they've ever met in real life, ha ha!

The Stitch in Time
Amelie, I still don't have. For now, all I have is an image of the two of them together.

Angus: he's a mix of people, including, from some angles, Gabriel Landeskog

The Antipodean Time
Kimberley, I still don't have. For now, all I have is an image of the two of them together.

Simon, sort of

Summer Fire


Do you have images for your characters?
Please share links!


Deniz Bevan said…
Well, I've finally fixed the comment box nonsense!
Well done ... yes it's there now! Good for you ... and choosing a face for a character - that'd be easy and difficult ... not something I'd like to do ... take care and good luck with all your projects - cheers Hilary
Nick Wilford said…
You've put a lot of work into this! I haven't tried it myself, but I've heard people say it really helps them visualise the character. Might have to try it sometime...
Robin Malcolm said…
I just love perusing through these again from time to time! And I love knowing what you see in your head when you write your stories!