I Read Canadian! and More Snow!

O Canada!

Today is I Read Canadian! day, and I'm celebrating by mentioning all the favourite Canadian children's literature authors I've blogged about before! I'm sure I'm even forgetting a few, and I'm not always consistent about noting the illustrators, unfortunately. I did blog about at least one book by province or territory, though -- twice!

The official I Read Canadian Day site states:

"I Read Canadian Day is a new nationwide initiative that celebrates the richness, diversity and breadth of Canadian literature. Taking place for the second year on February 17, 2021, this celebration will empower families, schools, libraries, bookstores and organizations to host activities and events by reading Canadian books for just fifteen minutes. For more information, visit ireadcanadian.ca/day and sign up for free to participate. Help get the word out on social media by following @IReadCanadian and using the hashtag #IReadCanadian."

Don't forget to download your bookmarks!

For one thing, there are the Franklin the turtle books by Paulette Bourgeois (illustrated by Brenda Clark). One of the books even features a cookie recipe!
125g butter, 125g sugar, 250g flour, 1 egg, 125g chocolate chips, 10 minutes at 180C
I made these the other day and instead of dropping them on a baking sheet, I put them in muffin cups and baked for 20 minutes, and they turned out wonderfully thick and chewy.

Speaking of recipes, there's a great one in Elliot Bakes a Cake by Andrea Beck!

Scholastic's Dear Canada series provides wonderful glimpses of moments of history, and includes a book by Forumite Marsha Skrypuch!

There are many other Canadian kidlit Forumites!

Hélène Boudreau (also featuring festive treat recipes!)
kc dyer
Deborah Kerbel

There's also Farley Mowat! Brian Doyle! Monique Polak! Terry Lynn Johnson! Plus Mordecai Richler! (I have a photo of myself at a signing session he once held at Oink Oink in Montreal, I should scan it!) And Janet Lunn!

And two of my former neighbours, Jill Murray and PJ Bracegirdle!

LM Montgomery's Rilla of Ingleside has one of my favourite ending lines from a novel and one of my favourite odd words, snoots. Rilla of Ingleside is one of the books I've loved for a long time.

Five of my absolute favourite authors are Bernice Thurman Hunter, Jean Little (who recently passed away), Kit Pearson, Budge Wilson, and Margaret Buffie, who I was lucky to be able to interview on this blog! I've also blogged about Margaret Buffie and Terry Lynn Johnson together. And lamented how difficult it can be to find some of these books...

Another one of my favourite books is Rainy Days With Bear by Maureen Hull!

I haven't even touched on other recipes, such as those in Outlander Kitchen, never mind authors of adult literature (including Forumites). There's so much to celebrate in Canadian literature!

I keep posting photos of snow and saying they're the last, and it keeps snowing! It seems appropriate today, though, when posting about Canada.

Here are some images from a recent walk in the woods near the former Abbaye de Bonmont:
Holly in the snow

And from a couple of months ago. the lake!

Who are some of your favourite kidlit authors, Canadian or otherwise?


Deniz Bevan said…
Let me know if I've forgotten anyone!
Hi Deniz - I certainly saw lots of fun books for youngsters when I was over ... particularly in the bookshop Volume One in Duncan, VI. Always fun to have a recipe included in a book ...
... and gosh hasn't it been cold in so many places ... enjoy the biscuits, cookies, cakes et al - all the best - Hilary